Sunday, April 24, 2022

MTN Sense: A new approach to learn mountain skills

Learn high level mountain climbing skills and ski mountaineering skills and avalanche skills online, via MTN Sense. has a growing list of titles to cover the basics and the advanced skills in various areas. All the courses are 95% videos and 5% reading. There are tons of external links to helpful youtube videos for further learning too. This quite the treasure box of fun relevant information. Myself and several other professionals and mountain guides teach the lessons. Tons of fun examples from real mountain experiences highlight the learning to drive it into the long-term part of your brain.

Several thousand people are currently enrolled in a MTN Sense course. Many people are enrolled in all of them. You can start your learning today by checking out the title that you're most curious about without risk. 100% refund guarantee, never expires. You get the content forever.  No subscriptions. You can ask me questions as you go through the lessons and I will write back promptly.

This is the resource I wish I had while learning to climb and backcountry ski. Now it exists, and you can take full advantage today. Check it out.

Most popular course: The Ultimate Guide To Backcountry Skiing & Ski Mountaineering