Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Big Move

Our last week in Crested Butte was a whirl-wind of packing craziness. We were moving from our small rental house into our Dodge Sprinter camper van, named Lulu. As we packed I had to keep reminding myself to not take for granted the fact that few women would ever “live in a van down by the river” and Janelle was actually excited about it.

The piles of stuff grew as we prepped for the big move. They were labeled; Alaska, Peru, van supplies, storage, sell, give away, burn. I must admit, looking across the sea of ice tools, backpacks, ropes, clothes, electronics, and rock gear made it difficult to conceptualize how we were going to get all that crap into a van. We loaded it all in a borrowed F-150 and headed to Ouray to wake up Lulu from her winter hibernation, and to put the finishing touches to make her our home for the next seven months. With my father-in-laws help we were able to get the van ready the following week. We are going to submit a video of Lulu to MTV Cribs.